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The Wages Of Whiteness Race And The Making Of The...

In The Wages of Whiteness: Race and the Making of the American Working Class, David Roediger examines the intensification of American racism in the white working classes in antebellum America. He maintains that, impelled by republican doctrine, the pressures and anxieties of industrialization and the longing for a preindustrial past, white workers constructed a notion of â€Å"whiteness† and of white supremacy in opposition to black slavery that characterized black slaves as their inferiors. Therefore, Roediger explains how whiteness was formed as a tragic response to industrialization and the subsequent anxieties of the white working class. Despite the influence of Marxist theory on his own historical development, Roediger informs the reader that material and class considerations are not sufficient to explain race and racism. While historians such as Barbara Fields or Oliver Cromwell Cox emphasized the naturalization of whiteness and top-down racism, they have ignored the age ncy of the white working class males themselves. Instead, Roediger draws upon modern labor history and upon the work of W.E. Du Bois’ theory of the â€Å"wages of whiteness,† to assert that whiteness formed as a tragic response to industrialization and the concomitant anxieties of the white working class. Roediger begins by examining the origins of racism in pre-Revolution America. Noting that, while white supremacism was not universal, racism did exist. The characterization of Native Americans as lazyShow MoreRelatedWhiteness and Citizenship971 Words   |  4 PagesCaptain Ahab’s eulogy of whiteness shows that the word â€Å"white† implies more than a chromatic description. â€Å"White† is an untenable perfection that has haunted the American psyche since colonial times. The idea of â€Å"white spiritual superiority† can only be enforce by a terrorist politico-legal system, based on brutalizing the non-whites and creating a national fantasy. A national fantasy defined by Lauren Berlant as the means â€Å"to designate how national culture becomes local through the images, narrativesRead MoreWhiteness as a Field of Study2712 Words   |  11 PagesCaptain Ahab’s eulogy of whiteness shows that the word â€Å"white† implies more than a chromati c description. â€Å"White† is an untenable perfection that has haunted the American psyche since colonial times. The idea of â€Å"white spiritual superiority† can only be enforced by a terrorist politico-legal system, based on brutalizing the non-whites and creating a national fantasy. A national fantasy defined by Lauren Berlant as the means â€Å"to designate how national culture becomes local through the images, narrativesRead MoreEssay on How White People Became White1043 Words   |  5 Pagesargue that the definition of what constitutes a race is something that is arbitrarily decided by society. Additionally, what it means to classify yourself or someone else as a particular race carries social meaning. Sociologist claims that race as a biological concept does not exist. However, the consequences of classifying someone as a certain race as certainly real enough. It needs to be said, though, that not every discipline agrees that race is merely a social cons truct. Forensic psychologyRead MoreAmerican Culture, English And American Literature, And English, By Dr. Neil Foley1308 Words   |  6 Pages Holding degrees in American Culture, English and American Literature, and English, Dr. Neil Foley specializes in the evolving components of race and social identity in what he calls the Borderlands: Mexico and the American West. The White Scourge: Mexicans, Blacks, and Poor Whites in Texas Cotton Culture bridges the gap between the narratives of two Borderlands histories, that of African-Americans and southern history, and that of Mexican-Americans and southwestern history. Looking at Texas, andRead MoreA More Perfect Union : The American Dream Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesOn eighteen century America, the founding fathers classified the American Dream as an idea that everyone living in the United Stated had the chance to achieve the Jeffersonian idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At the time the American Dream was suppo sedly possible to anyone who had the willingness to work hard and honestly. To the founding father s anyone who would stand by this saying would either achieve success or be emulated for their efforts, even those who did not achieveRead MoreWhite Privilege And Black Privilege1389 Words   |  6 Pagesother races; it also discriminates against them. This is well illustrated by the history of white privilege in America and how it changed over time (Nkomo Ariss 2013) and how white privilege is used to benefit white people (Blum n.d). Without white privilege, people would be equal and perhaps live in a more peaceful society. Therefore, if white privilege has been around for years and continues to be an issue in America and all around the world, than without educating the population and making themRead MoreThe Immigrants And Their Struggles Faced By American Immigrants Essay2143 Words   |  9 Pagesreviews and intensive interviews, the struggles faced by American immigrants are disco vered. However, the goal is to explore the various acts of discriminations and look at how some immigrants have preserved. Introduction From evidence based practice, it has been proven that racism and discrimination is evident in our society. As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, â€Å"racism is the poor treatment or violence against people because of their race; and discrimination is the unfair treatment of a personRead MoreRacism and Identity1122 Words   |  5 PagesAnonymous Race and Identity 512 17 February 2013 Short Paper: 2 One of the main social and political tasks of 1830’s America was to define what it was to be a free American. Challenged by reformist ideals â€Å"purifying† the land and the Industrial Revolution cementing capitalism into the framework of the nation’s economy, Black people and Indians found themselves pushed out of the national identity. Much of this struggle can be witnessed through an analysis of American theater at the time. StereotypicalRead MoreRacism Is The Primary Determinant Of Human Traits And Capacities Essay1448 Words   |  6 PagesRacism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities. That racial difference produce an inherent superiority of a particular race and exists when one ethnic group or historical collectivity excludes, dominates, or seeks to eliminate another based on differences (The Historical Origins1). Racism has been around and everywhere for a long period of time. It is perpetuated and reproduced tod ay in modern life and anthropologists can combat racism. Historically racismRead MoreBeauty And Its Effect On Society3337 Words   |  14 Pagesthe white beauty ideal – possessing pale skin, long, straight hair, and chiseled facial features – displays the prevailing influences on societal calculations of human value. According to Cheryl Harris, beauty operates with the conception that â€Å"whiteness is property† (ibid). Furthermore, in this economic context, women’s bodies are manipulable commodities objectified for consumption. The entire beauty industry is built on the foundational principle that women should alter their bodies through makeup

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College Dropouts Essay - 929 Words

Many high school students succeed with a little leniency through their four years. The transfer from high school to college becomes overwhelming and a struggle for some. For students do not comprehend the importance of changing more than their location during the transition. A student must be psychologically, physically, and emotionally mature to pursue college and not venture into a point of no return. Dropping out of college makes the outlook of the conversion difficult to acquire. Individuals should take their time on deciding which college and/or university is the best match for them. There are various reasons that cause persons not to prosper. Issues that individuals may come upon might leave a lifelong scar. Matters such as these†¦show more content†¦Often students take high school for granted; consequently it shows when they reach college. For example, in high school, teachers may accept late work, tardiness, and continuous inappropriate behavior. The college classe s that they will have to face will not tolerate such things as this. Preparing for the work load and lifestyle is the two most important objectives to grasp early. Furthermore, many people want to progress in their work, some simply want to gain in depth education on the particular field they want to achieve. However, individual’s bosses do not always understand. Having a job while in college is a huge demand. Depending on whether students have families or not will put them in a tight position. Ultimately the demand for both will result in them dropping out of college. Mark Kantrowitz says, â€Å"Many students who drop out of college has to work while enrolled in college (Why Do Students Drop out of College Kantrowitz). He follows up by saying that â€Å"they often find it very difficult to support themselves and their families and go to college at the same time (Why Do Students Drop out of College Kantrowitz). In most homes, ones family always comes first no matter what. For example, the desired accomplishments of the mother are not greater than the needs of her children. School work and the work one puts into he/shes job alone are ha rd to manage. Having toShow MoreRelatedThe Popularity Of The College Dropout1377 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"The College Dropout† hit the airwaves. An album that would go on and mold so many artists of today’s rap scene. Since then we have seen Chicago’s beloved Kanye West, the â€Å"I miss the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye† slowly transform into the egocentric Yezus persona that we have amongst us today. Not to say that Kanye has stopped making his all-world beats and delivering Grammy worthy albums. He has just evolved. And with his evolution, a void was left in rap as we knew it. â€Å"The College Dropout†Read MoreCollege Dropout Rate And Evidence1332 Words   |  6 PagesCollege Dropout Rate Evidence To Support You re done, you have dropped out of college and there s nothing you can do. Congratulations, you are now in the 1.3 million that also contributed to this statistic. The college dropout rate varies based upon a wide variety of problems college students encounter. Now your reasons for dropping out? There could be many, some of which you couldn t control. However, there are some that directly contribute to the dropout rate; that you could have. We’ll beRead MoreEssay on The Dropout Rate In Americas Colleges590 Words   |  3 Pages The Dropout Rate in Americas Colleges In 1992, the dropout rate in Americas colleges was almost twenty-four percent! Therefore meaning that nearly one out of every five students that head off to college in the fall, drop out by the first semester. In addition, about one out of every three remaining students do not return for their second year. This statistic may seem outrageous, however, it is true. Furthermore, a study has shown that if the dropout rate continues at its current pace, it willRead MoreCauses And Effects Of College Dropouts954 Words   |  4 PagesCauses and Effects of College Dropouts Life is believed to be easier for people with higher degrees than for those without higher degrees. Hence, it is the joy of parents to see their children admitted into a higher institution. With the high cost attached to attending a four year university, most students prefer to attend community colleges. Community colleges provide the same quality of education offered by universities for the first two years at a lower cost which help students reduce debts towardRead MoreEssay The African American College Dropout Rate477 Words   |  2 PagesThroughout the years the dropout rate of African Americans has increased and decreased. Many people look at black students as if they sit there and do not learn anything at all but we do try. Some may think that the only reason the black students drop out is because their grades, but that’s not true. Some dropout because of financial pressure, health problems, mental, emotional, and social issues, and may not have family support. â€Å"Blacks have been historically been under represented for the pastRead MoreEssay on Factors to College Dropouts827 Words   |  4 Pagesmany high school graduates who are enroll in college find themselves dropping off school in the first year of their college education. Admittedly, President Barack Obama’s administration knows this issue and has decided to even put out a $380 million educational budget for 2010 to assist students at risk of dropping out and to encourage high school graduates to earn an associate or bachelors degree in college. Today, college dropouts in American colleges have been steadily increasing due to inadequateRead MoreCauses Of High Dropout Rate Among Low Income College Students1270 Words   |  6 PagesParas Rayamajhi English 111/ 1904 Mrs. Jones September 29, 2014 The Causes of the High Dropout rate among Low-Income College Students To dropout, in simple words, means leaving school or any institution before the completion of a course due to some specific reason or necessity. There is a significant dropout rate at colleges which include household cultural and financial problem, where expectations of college are not met, and where financial aid is insufficient A household s cultural and financialRead MoreCauses And Disadvantages Of College Students Dropout809 Words   |  4 Pagesthe work force, military, or go to college. Once someone decides their future goals and it’s to go to college they don’t realized how much harder it can be compared to high school. They don’t think about how there is a possibility for them to drop out, if they don’t give college their best shot. Some reasons of college students dropping out is trying to balance work and school, academic difficulties, and financial problems. One reason students drop out of college is not being able to balance workRead MoreI Didn t Have High Expectations For College Dropout950 Words   |  4 PagesIntro Essay â€Å"Essay by a soon to be College Dropout† I didn’t have high expectations for college. I looked at the reality of what my experience would be. I was now being forced to move out of a town where I knew every single crack in the road to a town where I didn’t even know where the grocery store was. On top of that, I went from a school of about five-hundred students to a university of roughly 20,000, so obviously new people were going to affect my week in a big way. All of this would have beenRead MoreCOLLEGE DROPOUT1013 Words   |  5 Pages Students Just Want to Have Funds People assume students are young people who attend college to become adults, not knowing that most students already carry on adult-like responsibilities. Nowadays, young people live on their own, without their parents’ help, and cannot afford to go to school and pay rent, as well. During my high school years, I expected to be balancing university activities with homework and dorming, not expenses and low-paying jobs. According to a New York Times news conference

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Death Penalty for the Mentally Insane Free Essays

Mental illness is defined as â€Å"any various conditions characterized by impairment of an individual’s normal cognitive, emotional or behavioral functioning, and caused by social, psychological, biochemical, genetic or other factors, such as infection or head trauma† (Fiack). The mentally insane have a brain condition which directly effects wellbeing and actions. Mental insanity can be described as an incomplete development of the brain which can have an impact on conduct and social effectiveness. We will write a custom essay sample on Death Penalty for the Mentally Insane or any similar topic only for you Order Now Congressman should not allow the death penalty on the mentally insane because giving the death penalty to the mentally insane is an abomination. Congressmen might consider issuing the death penalty to the mentally insane because all punishments should be equal no matter the individual, but the mentally insane are not always in control of their actions and they are not always in a stable condition in which they know what they are doing. A troubled history or childhood can provide a diminishing value (â€Å"Court†). Not all mentally insane are brought up in stable environments which could lead to rage and violence. The rage and violence cannot be controlled by the mentally insane patient because do to over exposure to abuse they rely on the rage and violence for self-defense. Over thirty percent of male and eighty percent of female mentally insane inmates have reported sexual or physical abuse (Fiack). A vast majority of the mentally insane have experienced some sort of abuse which may cause mixed emotions and instability. This instability causes the mentally to go crazy and take everything out on the nearest guardian they see and the mentally insane should not be penalized for being put into a state of craziness. The mentally insane receiving the death penalty is an abomination. All abominations have similar characteristics. Like crime in the United States, inflicting the death penalty on the mentally insane is a negative characteristic of the judicial system. Every abomination has a consequence. Jail might be a consequence considering the severity of the offense, such as murder. America sells all types of guns and like enforcing the death penalty on the mentally insane, guns are fatal. Guns are the causes of many deaths and just like the death penalty, many lives are taken away from innocent and mentally insane civilians. Like gangs, the death penalty of the mentally insane affects everyone and is not community oriented. Gangs are a threat to everyone in a community and the death penalty is a threat to every citizen of the United States. Using the death penalty to kill the mentally insane is not for the community and ruins the closeness and bond a community shares among the children and adults. Smuggling in weapons, illegal narcotics and the use of drugs is a disgrace to the youths of America just like the use of the death penalty on the mentally insane. The death penalty is an abomination because in the last thirty years, more than sixty people with a mental illness have been executed (Fiack). Putting these mentally insane to rest because of an action they probably did not have control over is completely unnecessary and un-just. If Congressmen wish to punish a mentally insane person they could place them in an insane asylum to learn to control their anger and violence towards others. A consequence now exists because of all the insanity pleas within the last thirty years. The â€Å"M’Naughten Test† is now given to show if the defendant was unable to understand what he or she was doing and if there is a substantial lack of capacity to understand ones conduct (Fisanck). If the mentally insane patient can pass this test and the test clearly shows they had no control of their action and did not recognize the crime they were committing, giving them the death penalty would be unlawful. The court gave Darrell W. Ferguson the death penalty, an inmate with an apparent unclear thought process. The courts rejected the claim, not thoroughly considering mental health issues (â€Å"Court†). Although abominations are not community oriented, a group called â€Å"Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation† travels around North Carolina helping raise awareness and trying to gain support to get a bill passed against the death penalty of the mentally insane (â€Å"Murder†). The issue with bringing a mental illness case into court is the jury members do not always understand how the brain is affected by this disease. Jury members with a misunderstanding of mental illness cause the mentally insane to die on death row because they do not realize the challenges of raising a mentally insane child or grown adult nor what they are capable of without the patient even being aware of his actions. As a result, the jury tends to lean more towards a guilty verdict convicting the mentally insane before truly understanding how a diseased brain works. This process can be unfair to the victim and if the jury is not clear of the mental illness the defendant has. To solve such a problem, each individual should be informed of the exact mental illness present before the court is in session or should not be a part of the jury. Congressmen should not promote the death penalty of the mentally insane because the death penalty of the mentally insane will lead to public outcry and angered families, disassembly of moral value, and will aid in the first steps to the disintegration of human life and self-worth. Over thirty years ago John Hinckley shot Ronald Regan in the chest but was not given the death penalty because he plead insane (Vatz). Instead of giving him the ultimate punishment there is to offer he was sentenced to a mental hospital, which is what happens in most cases of the mentally insane. â€Å"In 2006, The American Bar Association passed a resolution calling for the exemption of those with serious mental illness from imposition and execution of the death penalty† (Fisanck). Congressmen should present a law to protect the mentally insane in death penalty situations. Works Cited â€Å"Court Reject Mental Health Claims Of Inmate Who Sought Death Penalty. † Mental Health Law Report. 66, June 2006. Gale Power Search. Web. 6 October 2011. Fiack, Shannon. Mental Illness and Criminal Behavior. Greenhaven Press, 2009. Gale Opposing Viewpoints. Web. 6 October 2011. Fisanck, Christina. Crime and Criminals. Greenhaven Press, 2010. Opposing Viewpoints. Web. 6 October 2011. â€Å"Murder and Mental Illness: Group Supports Removing Death Penalty. † Wilson Daily Times. 11 May 2011. Gale Opposing Viewpoints. Web. 6 October 2011. Vatz, Richard E. â€Å"The Insanity Excuse and Retrograde Thinking. † USA Today. March 2011; 66-67. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 6 October 2011. How to cite Death Penalty for the Mentally Insane, Essay examples

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School Is Cool free essay sample

Usually, when we talk of schools, the first thing that comes to our minds is loads of homework, boring lectures and the pressure of exams. The very thought of going to school makes us yawn. It seems that life would have been so very good if there were no schools. We would be free to spend our time as we wish without our mothers shouting You are still watching T. V.? Go to your room and study’. Until a few months ago, I was also among the group of people who think so. But now that I have stepped into my last year of school i. e. class 10, my lookout towards school seems to have changed completely. If we sneak into the flashback, most of us have spent or most happy and enjoyable moments at school. Hanging out with friends, pulling each other’s legs, laughing and making fun. Where else, but at school can we do this? This is my thirteenth and last year in my school. We will write a custom essay sample on School Is Cool or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Down all these years, I have developed a feeling of attachment towards my school, the teachers, the staff, the school building, the classroom, and most importantly my fellow students. It will be very saddening to leave all these behind. But we have no other option and have to move on. Maybe, students of the younger classes who read this will think that I am stupid. But I am sure that when they come to this stage, they too, will experience the same thing. Really, there is no place like school. School is really cool.